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Today, students will find more examples of profile essays. Each student needs to find two good examples of a profile essay. Please find examples of real writing, not essays that are coming from paper mills. Newspaper would be a good place to start. With each essay, students need to do the following:

1. Find three aspects of the essay that make the writing stand out. What did the author do that you might use in your own essay? Describe these aspects in detail using examples from the essay.

2. Post the URL of the essay (make sure it works before you are done) and your 3 comments for each essay as a comment on this blog post.

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  2. this is a good example of a profile essay because it is a type of interview, its giving information about who the person is, and you become to know what kind of person Nathan Arceneaux is like and how he helps people

    ~this is a profile essay because it shows many issues she faced in her life. also the essay talks about other people in her life but isnt distracting to the reader. and it has dialog.
    ~this is a profile essay because the author in forms the reader about the jean’s life. the author tells about jean’s work in a way that informs u about jean. the essay also works struggles jean has faced in his life.


    This is a good example as well because it gives information about how dr. dre was sued by a federal jury due to the music he was making. It also portrays a neutral attitude, and get into detail about his music autobiographical concepts.


    This is a profile essay because it talks about the persons life. It also has what happened on certain days of his life.


    This is a profile essay because it talks about Mount everest. It also talks about those who have or have tried to climb it.

    1. Has quotes from Charles Goslin.
    2. tells what he exactly did.
    3. describes what he did with good detail.


    This is a profile of Rome. It is very descriptive, and it makes you feel like you are there. It has lots of details about the smallest things, the little things that one would notice if they were there.

    1. This profile has excellent vocabulary, which brings out a more vivid picture of Rome and all of its wonders.

    2. It has an optimistic, adventerous tone to it. The author says that it is best to walk in Rome, to really get the feel of the place and the history. While you read it, you feel like you are on a tour of the city, walking through and seeing everything, smelling the food, just as the author describes it.

    3. This profile relates to people, and how we think and feel, and interpret things. I noticed again, that even if you’ve never been to Rome, you could really imagine what it’s like there, by reading this. It emphasized the small things. The little details that make you want to keep reading, and make you want to be there, in this scene that the author is describing. He doesn’t go on about the cathedrals, or the The Colosseum. He describes the fresh bread at the bakery, and the people in the “background” of the city. This makes the profile more interesting and intriguing for the reader as well.


    1. Interviewing.

    2. Comparison.

    3. explaining the change of something big.


    This example gives information about Vin Diesel’s with autobiographical features. It is a type of interview and you develop a personal conception of him.

    This explains quite a bit of Michael Jacksons’ history. It describes his first moments of fame till his sudden death.
    This talks about Mr. Hoffmans discovery of the LSD disease. He is nearly 100 years old and still finding more information.
    This to me is a profile because it talks about one mans inheritance of a part of a company. Describing his finest moments.

  12. Great definition of a profile essay.

    The purpose of the profile essay is to present the subject vividly to your readers. Your role is to supply a well-defined, well thought-out perspective, to orchestrate your presentation of the details so that your essay conveys a particular attitude towards your subject—your interpretation of it.

    The profile essay, therefore, is very much part expressive, part objective; it’s an interesting hybrid between the two. It’s expository in that you want to inform your readers about your subject—you want readers to learn something about your subject they might not have known otherwise—your unique observations and/or analysis. At the same time you are also conveying a kind of personal interpretation, a personal perspective, your own attitude towards this subject; so in that sense, it’s expressive.
    It shares many features with autobiographical and biographical writing—you can use narrative, anecdote, description, dialogue—yet it also differs significantly: autobiography is about remembered experience whereas profile is (usually) about newly acquired observation—acquired firsthand or through research.

    This kind of writing helps you practice the field research methods used across many disciplines: observing, interviewing, and notetaking are all techniques commonly used by investigative reporters, social scientists, and naturalists. The challenge once you’ve acquired your materials is to analyze and synthesize what you’ve gathered effectively—to give it shape in an essay that communicates a dominant impression.

    1. Starts of with what he has done from the very begining and really draws you in to read more.
    2. The writer goes deeper than just with description. He goes into why the guy he’s talking about does what he does.
    3. The writer brings out the good in this guy. He uses good decriptive words. THe way it is written and how it is written really makes you feel like you know the guy.


    It talks about it his childhood. It tells you that he returned to work in an oxford workshop. It also tells you that he started the prolific literary career.

  15. 1. The writing that is used in this article, is very detailed and descriptive. For example the sentence : “that they managed to kill hundreds of innocents, grab the world’s headlines and briefly dominate the nightmares of Western policy makers,” makes Al-Queda seem like really bad guys and just reading this sentence fears most of the citizens.

    2. This writing uses more complex vocabulary, so it may be harder to read at times. However, the author uses alot of dialogue, which in turn helps the story out a lot more than without the dialogue.

    3. This story does a good job of relating the citizens of the United States and other countries who were attacked cowardly by Al-Queda and/or the Taliban, and how we won’t let Osama Bin Laden or others who were behind the attack get free.,8599,1921758,00.html

    The Author of this story does a really good job of description and of detailing out the story. He uses sentences to make everything seem like what Al-Queda did was deadly and un humane, which in turn most of what they did was. But, this example will show what I am trying to describe to you. “that they managed to kill hundreds of innocents, grab the world’s headlines and briefly dominate the nightmares of Western policy makers.” So, some of the vocabulary that they use in this sentence, just immediately grabed my attention and made me want to read more about what Al-Queda had done to other countries besides our own. So, the author did a really good job of vivid detailing in the story.


    1. lets you kind of get to know the person.

    2. She is being interviewed in the essay.

    3. Relates to the persons life and how her sport influenced him.


    This is a profile of Michael Jackson, taking a look at his life after he died.

    1. This profile focuses on an American icon, so it will keep the reader’s attention, and they can relate to it more because they know who he is.

    2. It has some clever descriptions and comparisons to help better describe Jackson, and what he was like to the American people. The author uses instances and examples from Jackson’s life to help describe him more. Specific examples are great for profile essays; they bring out the subject more.

    3. The essay also focuses on some scandals and epic events that happened to Jackson, and that happened during his lifetime. This is good because by using outside events, not just a list of facts about him, it expands the essay. It brings out more things that keep the reader interested. It also adds to it, because there are events that may have affected him and his actions, and the way people remember him as well, which has a better effect on the reader in the end.

  18. Sam, these are good examples, but you didn’t tell how they were good essays. You only told what they were about.


    In this profile essay the writer used different aspects as follows:

    1.Fact: The writer used facts in this essay that can really attract your attention by saying “At those times girls were not considered to be very important and guys were valued”.

    2.Hardworking: according to this essay the writer emphasized how the grandma was a hardworker and tried to learn different kinds of things by saying “She loved reading books and read what she could find and she is the most intelligent person I know”.

    3.Encouragment: the writer stated that the grandma really liked eduacation ; the writer said “She encourages me to get a good education and more than my parents wants me to grow and mature with confidence in who I am and what I can achieve. She always tells me there isn’t anything that you can’t do if you work hard for it”.

    The writer used a chronological format by writing this essay , I mean this, the writer first described the person’s background , secondly her level of education, and thirdly her old age , I can really say though this kind of profile essay is good so I am going to use such format in my profile essay.

    The writer of this essay used some different kinds of aspects, and here they are :
    1.disability : At first the writer described the personality of his grand father by saying “By definition, my grandfather is handicapped”.

    2. what cause the grandfather to become a disable person: the writer explained how his grandfather became a handicapped person

    3. How the grandfather’s disability affected the life of the writer: the writer of this essay stated how the disability of the grandfather affected his early life by saying ” As a young child, I remember how my grandfather’s disability affected my life. I don’t think that I even knew what the purpose of his wheelchair was. To me, it was just a toy, just another toy that my cousins and I could play with”.

    Generally the writer first attracted the attention of the readers by stating the disability of the grandfather, Secondly the writer explained how the grandfather became a disable person, thirdly and finally the writer concluded the essay by describing how the disability of the grandfather affected his early life.

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